Over the summer, you might've noticed something new at some of our carnivals and fairs. If you needed to get tickets for the rides and games, there's a good chance you might've been a little puzzled at first.

There were still ticket booths, but nobody was running them that you could interact. Instead, it was automated with magic money. At least, this particular fair was.

Magic money is essentially an alternative to ticket sales. Instead of paying cash for tickets, money gets put on a card, which you then would use to ride the rides and play the games.

The first place we experienced this setup was at the Atlantic Highlands Fireman's Fair. It seemed a little confusing at first, but after using this system for a bit, it wasn't that bad.

How to use magic money at NJ fairs & carnivals

So when you come across this at a New Jersey fair in the future, no need to panic. Just get your digital card and have a good time.

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