Cell phones and your relationships — Has technology become the third wheel?

It's pretty much the reality these days that all of us have a cell phone, and that cell phone is pretty much glued to us at all times! And while it's nice to always be reachable, cell phones could be to blame for the deterioration of some relationships, romantic or otherwise.

In 2014, a study was released about the impact "technoference" is having on romantic partnerships. Technoference is what researchers, who conducted the study, from The Pennsylvania State University and Brigman Young University used to describe the effect technology is having on relationships.

The study, reported on by The Daily Mail, polled 143 women that were either married or living with a partner, and found that nearly 75 percent of them felt that cell phones were interfering in their relationships. In addition, 62 percent of the women polled blamed the devices for less time being spent together as a couple. And even more troubling, 25 percent of the women polled reported their partner send a text or looked at his or her phone while engaged in an important, face-to-face conversation with each other.

If you're experiencing technoference in your relationship, Psychology Today has five tips for how you can stop cell phones from invading your romantic lives.

So how is technoference impacting you?

New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy, of the Dennis & Judi Show, joins us to discuss how cell phone distraction can put a damper on all relationships. Although it may not be the intention, many feel almost abandoned when in the company of someone who seems to be locked into the goings-on of their phone rather than what is happening with the person they are spending time with.  This episode surely is one we can all relate to!

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