Ever since he's been the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has refused to even consider the idea of raising the state gas tax to pay for transportation repair projects, but Tuesday night on Townsquare Media's Ask The Governor show, he seemed to suggest his position might be shifting.  

(Steven Puetzer, Getty Images)
(Steven Puetzer, Getty Images)

When asked about the possibility of raising the gas tax, Christie said he doesn't want it and he doesn't anticipate an increase in the gas tax, but then suggested it's impossible to completely rule the idea out.

"Definitively my answer has always been that I think there may be other ways to deal with this issue, but we also have to deal with rebuilding our roads, rebuilding our bridges," the governor said. "That's a public safety issue. We do not want to have collapsing bridges, and crumbling roads that will cause injury to our citizens, so we've got to work together to figure out a way to pay for that."

He pointed out his administration has made significant spending cuts in many parts of the budget, but but then said "I also know that we have to pay for continued improvements for our roads and bridges. We have to make sure that we have to money to be able to do that."

In recent years some Democratic lawmakers, including NJ Sen. Ray Lesniak, have proposed a gradual increase in the gas tax over several years to generate funding for the Transportation Trust Fund.

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