If you've ever said to yourself, "Self, I really need to learn how to prepare a routine dinner, but I only want to learn from someone who sucks at cooking and wants nothing to do it," today is your lucky day!

The other night I decided to take what little knowledge I've gained about preparing Italian food and put it to the test. Surprisingly, it didn't go too poorly. There is certainly room for improvement though. I'm thinking about making this a recurring thing. But not really sure if I want to. Simply preparing store bought ravioli felt like I was trying to complete the Manhattan Project, just with more tomato sauce. But I'm sure if I can make ravioli, I can make scrambled eggs right? Or a quesadilla? Maybe I'll call it How to Make ______...I think.

Check out the four minute trainwreck below.

Eventually I'd like to actually make my own ravioli from scratch. Maybe once I complete the rookie level of culinary arts, I'll give it shot. But personally I'd much rather buy fresh ravioli from an Italian market and prepare it like this once home. This way the difficult part is taken care of ... by someone with way more experience than me. There's no way I wouldn't get ricotta cheese all over the place. And don't even get me started with meat ravioli. That's way too advanced for me right now. I can't even grasp the concept of stirring ravioli when it's still on the stove. But any tips and suggestions are always welcome.

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