One of the great things about being a kid and going to a Major League Baseball game was bringing your mitt to the game. Why do kids bring mitts to a game? To catch a foul ball!  It is one of the great joys of being a baseball fan!

One NJ woman is apparently trying to ruin that for every other fan out there. A South Jersey woman is filing a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Brewers after she was hit in the face with a foul ball.

Aside from the netting all around home plate, there are signs everywhere in ballparks that tell you to pay attention as baseballs commonly fly into the stands.

In this day and age where parents want the world bubbled wrapped so their children don't get hurt by ANYTHING, this type of frivolous lawsuit is exactly what is wrong with society and why we have so many ridiculous laws on the books. There's zero personal accountability anymore.

So to the woman in South Jersey who wants to blame someone else for not paying attention to the game and wants even more protection for herself and others, please do the rest of us a favor. If you're afraid of the world, stay home and start watching games on TV!

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