We thank them for their service, but we don't hire them to work for us. That's the problem that many veterans have when they return home.

Lt. Col Robert Vicci is the CEO of vetREST.  "Veech" has been a friend of mine since the days he used to come to Catch A Rising Star in between deployments to Iraq. Now, he spends his days on the phone or in public tracking down jobs for veterans, transitioning vets back to the workplace, and setting up places where vets can work and make a solid living and contribution to society.

In our conversation, you will hear the struggle of the returning veteran, the fears of female veterans (especially those who have children), dealing with PTSD, how it effects not only vets and solutions.

Veterans are proud, disciplined, hard-working people who are willing to put their lives on the line for this country. What business wouldn't be better by hiring them? If you served your country and can't find work, the best way I can thank you is to put you in touch with 'Veech." — contact vetREST. Trust me, the colonel will do all he can and use every resource he has to find you gainful employment. It's what he does and the least that we can do.

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