The father of a man who ran from the police, crashed his car, and died is suing the New Jersey State Police and the city of Bridgeton for his death.

According to the, the lawsuit seeks compensatory, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees. A 21 year old Millville man, Devonte Brooks, was believed to have struck a police officer with his car and police gave chase. According to the State Police, the trooper stopped the chase when he lost sight of Brooks’ Lincoln Continental. It is estimated that Brooks reached speeds of 100 mph while driving away down Route 49 in Bridgeton.

Instead of blaming his son for racing away from the police at 100 mph, his father has decided that the police “drove him to his death.” No, he drove himself to his death. The State Police did not ask or force him to run. He could have just as easily pulled over and answered the officer’s questions. Instead, he decided to take his life into his own hands while endangering other motorists by speeding at an excessive speed; he subsequently lost control of his car and struck a pole.

Again, just don’t run and no death occurs. Brooks’ father is reportedly accusing the police engaging in “willful misconduct” in trying to apprehend his son (while he was driving 100 mph trying to get away from them, mind you). AND they stopped the pursuit once they lost visual contact with the car. I’m sorry the man lost his son, but there is only one person responsible for the death, and that is Devonte Brooks.

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