For all the years I’ve spent in clubs either as a DJ or comic, I’ve never had a drink that I could call my own. I see people when asked by the bartender what they want, rattle off their “usual” and are quite satisfied.

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James Bond order the famous martini “shaken not stirred” which most bartenders will tell you is not the way you make a martini, Robert DeNiro likes gin martinis with cucumbers and the staff is given explicit instructions as to how to make it.


Mad Men’s Don Draper orders “Old Fashions”. You have to be careful about your drink of choice because if it is too old, you’ll be laughed at, like I am when I order 7 and 7’s. A Rob Roy will definitely show your age. Rockers drink Jack and Coke. The Beatles drank Scotch and Coke.

What’s your favorite drink? I’m looking for a usual and could really use your help. Leave your favorites below.