Okay, full disclosure — my main motivation behind this is just to give myself an excuse to think about sports. The trick worked. I've been knee-deep in Baseball Reference bios for days! In fact I briefly forgot about the fact the 2020 baseball season should be over a month old, with the Yankees being the odds on favorite to win the World Series.

I had no idea this many baseball players were from New Jersey. And in fact, the list you're about to see is not complete. This is just a list of baseball players from NJ I could find usable photos of. But even still, this list is a lot more expansive than I ever thought it would be.

Let's hope the 2020 baseball season gets underway soon. If we're lucky, we may even have live action sometime in June.

If you notice anyone notable left off, feel free to let me know!

55 baseball players from NJ (that Joe V could find stock photos of)

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