So I had a little argument with my daughter. Nothing serious, just a typical mom/daughter thing. As usual, I immediately regretted some things that I said (because I say a lot of things), and sometimes, you just don’t know how to say you’re sorry.

Enter Cameo.

Cameo is this really cool website that allows you to contract with stars to make personalized videos for you. You give them a little information, and they run with it. Since my daughter Roslyn and I always watched Beverly Hills, 90210 together as she was growing up, I thought it would be cool to ask Tori spelling, who played Donna Martin on the show to smooth the situation over for me. I forked over my 50 bucks and voila, Tori did her thing.

Some of the “stars” on the Cameo website charge less (most of them you’ve never heard of-but if you’re a “Real Housewives” fan, you could have a field day!), but since Tori and her Donna Martin character were special to us, it worked out perfectly! I requested (as most people do) that Tori gibe the famous line “Donna Martin Graduates!” and anyone who’s familiar with the show knows why!

Tori did a great job for me, and it’s a really cool service. Check all the stars out on

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