What happens when a foster child ages out of the system?

It's not always good. Many times the reason for that is lack of knowledge. Greg Rapport has decided to do something about it.

The New Jersey comedian/musician has launched "Age Out Angels," which is dedicated to helping young people transition from foster care to independent living.

"It was a horrible fate that awaited most of the children who aged out of foster care system. They are a forgotten population who typically end up homeless, incarcerated, or dead," Rapport said. "The weird thing is that this doesn't have to be."

Many states, especially New Jersey, offer tremendous support services for these youths. The problem is they are kids, frequently with sub-par skills, so they end up on the streets, where they become easy prey.

The goal of Age Out Angels is to help these children avoid pitfalls and succeed in life by giving them a sense of self worth, the fortitude to overcome obstacles and support to stay on the course.

"Just for a moment, place yourself in the position of an age-out. You’re 18 years old and emancipated. Where would you go when you have no one? How would you get money without a job? Where would you sleep, eat, or do any of the things that most of us take for granted? You can see age-outs easily become overwhelmed," Rapport said.

Rapport is recruiting an army of caring adults to mentor these youths and help them gain access to services and maintain a path toward success.

Go to ageoutangels.org to learn more. You can register for free to receive updates on their progress. We need everyone in the country to become aware of these forgotten children.

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