If anyone could ever hide in plain sight it would be a homeless person. If you work or live in a city, you see them so much that after a while you don't see them at all. They are real people with real stories that need your help no matter what their situation is. One such man was Ron Leggatt, who was struck and killed by a car in Lakewood on Aug 26th. Leggatt was so desperate for money that he once poured a cup of hot coffee over his head for five dollars. Wouldn't you like to meet the person who offered him the money? I know I would.

Leggatt was turning his life around when he died. In his honor, I asked my listeners if they'd ever given money or helped a homeless person. One thing they can always use as the weather gets colder is socks. Some people keep food in the case they run into someone on the street.

About 45 minutes into the hour, I received a call from Karen who was living in her car for the last three years since her husband left her for another woman. The car prevents her from going to a shelter. She has a son in North Carolina that she tried to live with but it didn't work out. Karen is one of so many stories of homeless people in New Jersey.

If you're homeless or want to help someone who is. I recommend getting them in touch with People For the Poor at www.peopleforthepoor.org.

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