Are you going to your holiday office party? Sixty-six percent of managers say showing up to any office holiday festivities is expected, according to a new Office Team survey.

But a lot of managers realize that with family commitments, the holiday season is so busy for everyone so if you can't make a party one year, it's not the end of the world, said Dora Onyschak, metro market manager for Office Team, Central New Jersey.

If you're going to the office party, keep in mind it is still a company function. You need to behave appropriately. Don't drink too much. If you can't handle more than one or two cocktails, then it's best not to drink any alcohol, said Onyschak.

To make the most of the office holiday party, she said, you should mix and mingle. Talk to people you would normally not talk to at the office — maybe someone who is in a different department or on a different floor, she said.

Curb some of the shop talk, added Onyschak. It doesn't always have to be all about business. It's the holidays. Everyone has something going on, so that's  a good conversation starter.

"Don't be the Grinch. Make sure that your conversations are positive and upbeat. Don't talk politics and gossip those controversial issues,"  Onyschak said..

Don't dress too loosely. Onyschak said it's really not a good idea if your outfit is too offbeat or revealing. Find out what the dress code is and dress appropriately.

The survey also finds that 58 percent of workers plan to give gifts to folks at the office. She said if you plan on giving gifts to only a few people, make sure to do it in private so as not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Onyschak said remember, it's a gift. It's not an obligation. You are not required to give one. If you receive a gift and were not planning on reciprocating, it's okay. Just say thank you. It's also a nice idea to bring in a treat after the holidays. Hosting a Secret Santa or a White Elephant Swap is always fun and festive too.

She said a surprise finding in the survey was that almost 93 percent of managers said they will host some kind of party and plan on spending a little more money on it this year. She said that's a great indicator of the economic times that we're in these days.

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