Safety and efficiency and the watchwords for New Jersey residents putting up Christmas lights this year.

Frank Tedesco of Atlantic City Electric says using Energy Star-certified lights can save homes or businesses money — as much as 75 percent over conventional incandescent lights.

"Also, power down all decorative lights when going to bed or leaving the house," he said. "Not only will this save energy, but it is also reduce the risk of any fire-related situation regarding the lights."

Tedesco said safety is key when working to string those lights on your house.

"Do not string lights on outdoor trees that are growing near or on to our power lines," he said.

He also advised homeowners to make sure the lights hanging outside are rated for outdoor use. Follow manufacturers' instructions for the number of light strands that you can string together.

Tedesco said you should hang the outdoor lights with insulated staples or hooks instead of nails or tacks, when you can.

"We definitely want to ensure that our customers have a safe and a happy holiday season, and save money through these LED light installation options," he said.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor at New Jersey 101.5.

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