The Assembly Committee has approved a bill that would overhaul tickets sales and place a ban on paperless tickets in NJ. These are just two parts of a larger-scale plan to fix what has become a an extremely flawed system for purchasing tickets in the state.

Jon Bon Jovi at Bamboozle

Assemblyman Vincent Prieto and co-sponsor Assemblyman Gordon Johnson introduced the bill that has   many components to it. One of the better components of the bill would prohibit the use of sophisticated computer programs to jump to the front of the lines in order to get the best seats.

Not everyone is a fan of this bill though. Many local venues and sports teams are opposed to the restrictions this bill would bring as this as it would severely limit their ability to compete for sales with online ticket companies.

Tickets for local events have become so ridiculously priced. it's about time that changes are made so that real fans can afford to go to see their favorite performers or teams.

So what's the maximum you would go to see one of your favorite entertainers or teams? Take our poll let us know.






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