I heard from James Saar this week. He sent me an email reminding me of his call to the show several weeks ago in which he talked about a high-tech face mask his company had developed. We were intrigued and asked him to let us know when a website would be available for the general public. At the time they were only being offered to medical and corporate institutions. But now you can get one.

This is not an ad. I can’t vouch for these personally but I found the technology interesting enough that I promised to put his info out there once a site became available.

This is so high-tech that all I’ll say is it is anti-microbial, has a patented 2-ply fabric, and if you really want to be dazzled by the science click here for a ton more information.

The company is Apparel Strategic Alliances, LLC out of Jackson, NJ and James is the CEO-President. He says this mask, called the MaskMate, is lightweight, breathable, is infused with FIR and SiShield AM500 technologies and will remain effective after many washings.

Intrigued? So was I. I may try one myself. It would be nice to support a local company in this dumpster fire that is 2020. So here’s the website to learn more.

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