There are so many Christmas specials and Christmas movies on TV now, it's hard to keep track of it. We're providing you with this link to make it easier. Admit it, even when you didn't have kids there was still a special you liked to watch every year as an adult. Whether it's the freaky claymation stuff or Santa's boot kicking Ralphie down the slide in 'A Christmas Story' you just have to get in your yearly fix.

Click here for the 2013 Christmas special and movie schedule.

As pathetic as this is, I once got out of a speeding ticket because of 'Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer'. I was in my early 30's I think, no kids then, and was driving home from doing the afternoon show on NJ101.5. I lived in Yardville back then. I think Rudolph was coming on at 8pm and I had to stay late at work for some reason that night, so I was cutting it close. It was 5 minutes before 8 and I was less than a mile from home and I was speeding to not miss the beginning. Yes I realize this is stupid you can stop laughing now. Anyway, a cop pulls me over. When he asked why I was going so fast I was honest with him. I told him it was because I was trying to catch Rudolph. He bust out in a rather derisive laugh, and really who could blame him. I was shocked when he just shook his head like I was the saddest loser on earth and just said, "Go on, get outta here."

Come to think of it, I guess I was the saddest loser on earth.