New Jersey's state vegetable is the tomato, our state fruit is the blueberry. Did you know New Jersey is one of the few states without a state drink?

Florida's got orange juice, California's got wine and Alabama doesn't mess around with Conecuh Ridge Whiskey as their state beverage. Finally, Nebraska's official drink is Kool-Aid. We're not kidding with that last one, and some would go as far as calling that "homeless."

The majority of the states in the U.S. went with milk. Milk! How boring is that? We've got to do better than that. I don't care if it's water, Jersey must be represented.

Thanks to some of your great suggestions, it's time to open the voting to name New Jersey's official drink!

Everyone got creative with our states' obvious connection to blueberries, cranberries, tomatoes...and booze.

Take our poll and tell us what drink would best represent the Garden State. Voting will be open for one week. The drink with the most votes will win and Steve Trevelise and I will personally take it to Governor Christie to be considered for New Jersey's official drink.

Are there more important things the state needs to worry about? Sure. But let's mix things up and have some fun.

Vote as many times as you would like and click "Recommend" below to share with your friends so they can vote too. Spread the word! New Jersey needs a state drink. The more votes, the more attention we'll get from the Gov.