Are you fed up with your homeowner's association? Are you sick of them telling you what you can and cannot do? Well one person really went to the extreme to put an end to the constant bickering. 

A NYC Man attempts suicide after a fight with his co-op association
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

According to Gothamist, an investment banker was hospitalized after jumping out of his 7th floor apartment yesterday, after making the decision to end his life following an ongoing dispute with his co-op board over his family's dogs.

Amazingly, 47-year-old Adam Silberman was transported to Cornell Medical Center around 10:18 a.m., having survived the fall thanks to a conveniently-located awning on the second floor. The article, originally reported by the NY post stated that his leap from the window was prompted by neighbor's complaints about his three French poodles, which created the argument with the apartment's co-op board.

While this story may be to the extreme, what arguments have you gotten into with your co-op or condo association board? How did you resolve it? Did you have to move? Let's hear your stories below.



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