Has everybody gone crazy? I remember reading once that people suffering from psychoses take everything seriously. They cannot recognize that metaphor, things said in humor, plays on words, exercises of imagination, and the like are not necessarily factual. They lack the quality of abstraction. All assertions are taken as fact.


The case in point involves the Paterson first grade teacher who wrote on Facebook that she felt like "I'm not a teacher..I'm a warden of future criminals" This said in frustration after dealing with disruptive kids, one of whom had actually hit her. In reality, the statement is so old it has whiskers. I've heard the same lament from teachers since I was a kid frustrating teachers myself . My parents laughed at it, and appreciated the humor. But nowadays! It's "Off with her head"! Now this good, passionate teacher has been vilified by every power from an Administrative Court Judge to the largest newspaper in the state for every sin from "insensivity" to "impossible to perform her job", to "permanently damaged her relationship with the community" and assorted other blather. And they demand she be fired. Clearly if she were not engaged with passion for her profession and her kids, she would not have been exasperated in the first place. So a good, experienced, committed teacher is sacrificed on some preposterous cross of Political Correctness. A Groupthink disconnected from any reality, and yet we are forced by its pracatitioners to pretend we buy into it, or we'll find ourselves upon the same cross.

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