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Imagine being best friends with someone for a decade until one day he or she suddenly stops communicating with you. The worst part? The person doesn't offer you an explanation for why he or she won't return your texts, calls or emails.

It's called ghosting, and it's happening to millennials at an alarming rate.

Most of us have probably experienced being ghosted a time or two by someone we've been dating. You go out on a few fun-filled dates with Bob, and then all of the sudden he just disappears — all forms of communication cease. Raise your hand if this has happened to you.

According to an survey, 80 percent of millennials admit to being a victim of ghosting. Women are more likely than men to be ghosted, with nearly 27 percent of women admitting to being ghosted versus only about 14 percent of men.

Interestingly though, women are more guilty than men of ghosting people. According to the survey, over 24 percent of women admit to ghosting people while only about 17 percent of men indicated they have ghosted someone.

And while ghosting might be pretty commonplace in today's dating scene, ghosting is also happening among friends.

In this episode of Forever 39, we discuss a heartbreaking story published on of a woman that was ghosted by her best friend of 10 years. For almost a year, the woman heard nothing from her friend. She said there was no big fight or incident that took place — her friend simply stopped responding to her.

The friend eventually resurfaced, and apologized for going rogue, but the relationship just couldn't survive that sort of betrayal. The two are Facebook friends, but that's about it.

For many people, being ghosted by a friend is a lot worse than being ghosted by a romantic partner because friends just aren't supposed to do things like that. If you're going through this now, check out a survival guide from The Huffington Post that offers tips on how to deal with being ghosted by a friend.

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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