It’s hard to believe there hasn’t been more written or said about Gov. Murphy’s latest line. It actually should have been the shot heard 'round the world. But we’ve gotten so used to it that we don’t even realize how power-hungry this guy is.

After COVID, I believe that Gov. Murphy saw he could pretty much get away with anything in terms of government control. And while it’s true that almost every state in the country saw a new paradigm with all of the COVID mandates we had to endure, our state was particularly vulnerable because of Phil Murphy. Remember his unremitting executive orders and his emergency that did not end?

That’s why when Murphy showed up to support Albio Siries in West New York the other day he had the gall to make one of the most audacious quotes that not only he has ever made, but that any us governor has ever made.

Phil Murphy Delivers Victory Speech After Narrow Win In New Jersey Governor Race
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And barely anyone even blinked an eye. Could it be that we are like a frog in boiling water who doesn’t really realize he’s cooking because the heat has risen slowly enough for him not to notice?

According to, Murphy, referring to $65 million he wants to be used to build a school there, said:

“Tell them Murphy said the following, ‘It’s my money and that’s how it’s going to be spent.”

And just because I am appalled it doesn’t mean I’m surprised.

When Gov. Murphy signed the controversial elections transparency act that had Trenton in an uproar a couple of weeks ago, he effectively gave himself total control over the state's campaign finance election watchdog agency and essentially permission to do whatever he wants with it. So it’s no wonder he thinks it’s his money

No one should be shocked at all that Gov. Murphy thinks it’s his money to spend. When Ed Durr commented on the governor's quote on his page on he said this is the way all Democrats feel. He is probably right. But actually, I think we need to go to step further. Gov. Murphy has a special, more personal sense of ownership of taxpayer money.

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It’s not clear why Gov. Murphy has gotten away with more control over this Legislature than other Democratic governors have. Maybe it’s the aforementioned boiling frog theory. Then add that to another old theory, frequently cited when it comes to government power and the human condition.

If you give an autocratic inch they’ll take a totalitarian mile. because if it’s left out for you to take, it’s hard to resist taking it. But who am I to question it? After all, It’s Governor Murphy’s money isn’t it?

How much your school district gets under Murphy's proposed 2024 budget

Gov. Phil Murphy's porposed 2024 budget includes $1 billion in new spending for school funding including pre-K funding, pension and benefits, and an additional $832 million in K-12 aid, which is listed below by county and district.

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