MAPLEWOOD — Police say a man whose home was broken into may have opened fire at one of the armed robbers — with the robber's own gun.

Early Monday morning, police received what they called a "frantic 911 call" from a woman who reported someone had gained entry to her home and assaulted her fiance, police said.

The woman told responding officers two men dressed completely in black, wearing masks and armed with handguns, threatened the couple at gunpoint, demanding money, police said. When police got to the scene, they determined the intruders came in through the bathroom window of the home, police said.

The male fiance got into a violent struggle with one of the home invaders, police said. They said he was "able to take control over one of the handguns and reportedly shot off a round at the suspects, who then fled out the rear door of the residence." A press release from police also says "this information has not been confirmed at this time."

A spokesman for the police department who'd just gotten on duty Monday said he wasn't personally familiar with the case enough to elaborate on what police were seeking to confirm — or whether they may have shored up the information in the time since the press release went out. He said he'd seek more information and return a message from New Jersey 101.5.

Police said in the release it's unclear if the home invaders have been shot, but all area hospitals have been put on alert.

Police also said they found a vehicle believed to have been driven by the home invaders with fictitious license places in a nearby parking lot. County police and sheriff's office K9s helped with a search.

Police said they believe the home was targeted, and there is not reason to think the public is in further danger.

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