One of the all time classic rivalries in the National Football League has been whenever the New York Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles. This Sunday night, the two teams will face off in Philadelphia.


Despite whatever record each teams have going into these games, you really never know what the outcome will be. It was the first “Miracle of the Meadowlands” when New York’s Joe Pisarcik fumbled into the hands of Philadelphia’s Herman Edwards, and caused the Giants to remold their team. They brought in management led by George Young that would lead to two Super Bowls.

It was Desean Jackson’s punt return in “Miracle of the Meadowlands 2” that led to the Giants winning the Super Bowl the following year, while the Eagles began a downslide that would eventually cost Coach Andy Reid his job.

This time, despite the general thinking when the season began, it looks like the Eagles are having trouble finding their offense while the Giants have found theirs. Big Blue has also found another weapon in their first round draft choice Odell Beckum Jr, who will finally be  on the field after battling a hamstring injury. I think Sunday night will be his coming out party on national television. What do you think? Either way, as Former Eagle Terrel Owens used to say “Get your popcorn ready!”

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