If you aren't in the mood to be mad at someone then this may be your last chance to turn away before watching the video below.  This video went viral a few days ago of Gerry Shalam, a self-absorbed rich kid who attends NYU. Shalam, an Allenhurst, NJ native, was caught on video in the middle of a drunk escapade with some friends.

Shalam spends the majority of the video trying to get the person recording it to realize how important he is and how his father apparently "owns half of Manhattan." According to an updated story on the Smoking Gun, it turns out Shalam's dad does not own half of NYC, nor does own any NYC cops, as his obnoxious son was so quick to point out.

Watch the video for yourself below and let us know your reaction and if you've become fed up with these self-entitled young adults who think they can say and do whatever they please with no repercussions.