By Jeff Deminski

In the extensive coverage of the George Zimmerman trial, it all came down to this moment. The reading of the verdict. We can argue for weeks, months or years about what was right or wrong. In the end, for this criminal trial, this is all that matters. A jury of 6 women, all mothers of children under 18, told George Zimmerman he did not break the law on February 26th of last year. They believed he fired in self-defense.

Zimmerman remained mostly stoic throughout his trial. The fact his legal team chose for him to not testify was clearly the right move. As he stood to hear his fate, that had to be running through his mind. Was it the right move? Was he about to be sent to prison and live with the regret of not speaking for himself? You see him swallow hard just once in this video, waiting. Imagine being in this moment. Were you about to go home to pick up the pieces of your life or were you about to be led away in handcuffs to a cage, possibly for the rest of your life. Then the moment comes. Not guilty. Outwardly he barely reacts. Inwardly, what he felt is anyone's guess. They say George Zimmerman's only reaction came after court was officially adjourned. Even then, the smile that came to his face was only brief and only slight.

Will he face another moment like this on federal charges? I hope not. Legal experts well versed in federal law are saying their best guess is the feds might go to Florida to investigate the possibility of civil rights charges but will likely come away with 'there's nothing here' to warrant it. We'll see.

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