We are suddenly saturated with scary clown sightings. In Waterford, police caught two kids ages 11 and 12 dressed as clowns banging on doors with rubber mallets. Many other incidents have popped up all over the state. Now clown threats have made their way onto social media. Scared yet? Nah, you're from Jersey. You're too tough for coulrophobia (the fear of clowns).

So what does scare New Jerseyans? Here are the top 5 fears you never heard of.

petrotaxophobia - the fear that some idiots in Trenton will cost you hundreds of dollars a year in higher gas taxes while bragging about tax fairness.

deviludontaphobia - this is the fear that the when Governor Christie leaves office, a.k.a. The Devil You Know, he will be replaced by someone even worse, a.k.a. The Devil You Don't.

askaparccaphobia - a common fear among New Jersey school teachers that their job evaluations will unfairly hinge on the results of state mandated tests such as ASK and PARCC while their students' parents never make them study or even attend school regularly.

fiscalhemorrhagephobia - perhaps the most common fear in the Garden State, this is the fear of property taxes, also known as bleeding out money til dead.

cauccopblackmotorophobia - this is the constant fear both parties have developed whenever a Caucasian police officer has to pull over an African American motorist.

-Jeff Deminski

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