New Jersey is known for a lot of things like jug handles, beaches, and toll roads, but New Jersey is also home to some state-specific foods. I’m sure you could come up with more, but here are five that scream “New Jersey!”

1. Pork Roll (or Taylor Ham if you prefer). You knew this one would be on the list and I put it number one since most other states have never heard of this delicacy.

2. Disco Fries. They’re not just for drunks at 3 AM; fries with gravy and cheese are good even if you’re sober.

3. Tomato Pies. Who needs cheese on the top of a pizza? Not the denizens of the Trenton area which seems to be the epicenter of the tomato pie universe, with the cheese on the bottom.

4. Hot Dogs. Sure, other states have hot dogs, but do they have “rippers”, the deep fried dogs at Rutt’s Hut or Italian hot dogs which are popular in North Jersey?

5. Fat Sandwich. These overstuffed behemoths are a staple of Rutgers’ campus.

Honorable Mention: Salt Water Taffy. Invented in Atlantic City; it would have ranked higher, but I’m not sure I know anyone who actually likes it.

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