How would I go about finding out if I am a candidate for neck or back surgery?

We would ask you to bring all of your medical records and any images (MRI, xRay, CT) to your appointment. A thorough review will determine your options. If you have been told you should seek an opinion from a surgeon, we are ready to evaluate your case. If you would like a second opinion or are not making progress with your care we are also happy to provide a consultation. A decision on surgery is made after evaluation of patient history, an in office exam, review of imaging, and discussion with you. There is no cost for an MRI review.

What is I am not a candidate for surgery?

Many patients may not be at the point where surgery is necessary. We work with a network of health care providers who can treat pain, provide physical therapy, advise on lifestyle options for your circumstances, and whom know at what point a surgical option is best. If you do not immediately have surgery, you still have a medical home at NJNBI.

How do I get my MRI records for you to review?

The easiest way to contact the radiology center where you had your MRI and ask for a copy of you images on CD and report. They will give you one which you can bring with you. Though most facilities have options to send the records directly to the doctor’s office of your choice, we recommend that you obtain a copy for yourself. If you need assistance or advice on how to obtain your records, just call our office and we will help you through the process.

Which insurance do you take?
“We work with all insurance plans that provide an out of network benefit to you. We will work with your insurance company, file all claims and paperwork. We have financial counselors that will work closely with you, educate you and help you to realize that cost is not a barrier to excellent surgical care.”

How do I go about making an appointment?

Call 609 896 0020 and our staff will be happy to make an appointment for you discuss what to bring to your first visit and answer any initial questions.

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