Pretty much every person in America, including most kids, has a cell phone. It's the way we stay connected to each other whether it's friends, family or business. It's our alarm clock, internet search tool, banking assistant and what replaced many of our home phones.

Instead of embracing the technology, which has allowed our world to move and progress at a more rapid pace, many adults look at the phone as a distraction for kids.

I completely disagree.

The so-called 'distraction' is actually kids schooling adults with their incredible ability to multi-task and focus on several things at once. Critical skills for future drivers, traders, and first responders. So why the push against it? Some complain that the kids are distracted in school, not paying attention, more focused on Snapchat than the teacher lecture. They may be right, but that's on the antiquated way some schools are still conveying information to the students.

One example is the PA announcement system. How out-dated is that?!? How about a snap message or a text alert to the kids phones. How about lesson planning incorporation apps on their phones? Not to mention the safety aspect of making sure kids can be in touch with the outside world, God-forbid there is an emergency situation.

The bottom line is it's time for teachers and parents to fully embrace technology and encourage kids to use their cell phones. The sooner they can use the phone for learning, the sooner they'll embrace technology for everything else in life, health, banking, communication and entertainment. Once the kids embrace it, they will undoubtedly make it better. The next invention to make our lives better is in the mind of a kid today with a cell phone. Help 'em get it out!

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