Thanks to our friend Billy from Pitman, we’ve got early coverage of today’s Trump rally in Wildwood. While it’s still early (these photos were taken around 11am this morning). These photos were taken two blocks away from the actual rally venue.

According to reports, there were 175,000 requests for tickets for the rally. However, only 75,000 people can actually get in. These early photos show that people are clamoring to be the lucky few who get in when doors actually open at 3pm.

On the other side, anti-Trump folks don’t seem to be as eager to make their presence known. At the same time, the few protesters look hard pressed to draw the crowd they thought they would. Although barriers are set up in the photo, it doesn’t look like they’ll need them. But, hey, it’s still early. Time will tell!


Photo submission from Billy in Pittman


Photo submission from Billy in Pittman

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