The movement to allow people who are in New Jersey illegally to obtain driver licenses with minimal identification pushes forward. The bill would require the driving exams be offered in English as well as the next three most popular languages in New Jersey.

Since the road signs are written in English, shouldn't those who get licenses be required to both learn it and read it? I asked Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick R-Union who came on my New Jersey 101.5 show.

“Well I would hope that if you pass a test and you get a driver's license, you should be able to read the signs. That should be a requirement for anyone with a license. Not that complicated a question," Bramnick said.

But the problem is they're going to be giving out the manuals in different languages.

“Languages, I would agree with that, but if the signs are English you actually have to read what the signs say, not with the manual says," Bramnick said.

Perhaps if they only gave the test in English, people who want them would be forced to learn it. Then again, none of this makes any sense. Homeland Security has not signed off on this, says Bramnick,

“Because Homeland Security wont support it, that's why," he said. There’s no way Homeland Security wants people who, we don't really know who they are, having a driver's license. I understand the concept, the problem is that you can't do this without having the support of people who understand the concept of Homeland Security. So let's start with that and if they support it then we'll start to discuss it.”

But that would make too much sense and if you're looking for sensibility in government Bramnick says, good luick.

“We'll start with the concept that government is a mess to begin with right, the best mess in the in the world, but it's still a mess," he said. These aren't your 120 smartest people in the state, these are 120 elected people in the state. So you're giving them a little bit of credit thinking that they're not any smarter than you or anyone else out in the public arena. The real question becomes, does it create one, a threat, and how do we know that without having Homeland Security give us an analysis?”

You can't argue with that!

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