Ask any business owner in New Jersey and they'll tell you the biggest threat, obstacle or challenge in this state IS THE STATE! Rather than lower taxes and regulations and reduce the number of state employees preying on legitimate business owners, he has devised a new big government scheme. It involves an auction for state tax credits. Let's not let the marketplace work in an unencumbered free market. He wants to entice businesses to start here at a lower tax rate, until they realize somewhere down the road, it's not a business friendly environment and leave. He'll be gone by then, off to the next challenge and pursuit of power, likely a run at national office. But I digress.

He won't lower business taxes or reduce the crushing regulations that chase businesses away or bankrupt them. He needs to continue to feed the beast of big government. That's his constituency. I know of restaurant owners who've had kids fresh out of college who work for the state come in and examine how much they charge for a slice of cheese on a cheeseburger and tell them they should be charging more, looking for more tax money.

I know small town mechanic shops that have had middle-aged guys (who work for the state) come in asking for a break on passing "their daughter's car" for an emission sticker, looking to fine them. Yes, they pursue small businesses like criminals. They're the backbone of the economy and the state treats them like the enemy. His plan is smoke and mirrors like most of the progressive schemes to "grow business." The only business he's looking to grow is the business of government, which will continue to choke progress and prosperity.

Amazon just announced their going to start offering a $15 an hour starting wage. Not because it's mandated by any state or federal minimum wage law, but because it makes them competitive in this roaring economy. A roaring economy New Jersey refuses to participate in because the state wants it cut... just like the Mafia.

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