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Have you noticed that nowadays it's just not enough for your spouse to just be your spouse? Aside from being the love of your life, the father of your child, your life partner, and your lover ... your husband also has to be your best friend. Since when has that been a requirement? Well, maybe since Facebook was invented and everyone started posting messages about "marrying their best friend," or "spending their lives with their best friend."

It's a small circle, but there are some people fighting the notion that you have to marry your best friend. Robin O'Bryant wrote a blog titled "I'm Not Married to My Best Friend" that appeared in The Huffington Post in 2014. In the piece, she talks about how her husband Zeb is enough, and that other labels, like the best friend label don't need to apply because simply being her husband and her one and only Zeb is enough! O'Bryant wrote, "He’s my husband and that’s enough."

Sure, there's no denying that your marriage will probably be stronger if your friends with your spouse, and you enjoy spending time with each other. But again, why the need to label your spouse as anything other than your spouse? After all, isn't the bond shared between spouses a much more deeper and intimate one than the bond shared between best friends?

In this Forever 39 podcast, we discuss why so many couples feel compelled to give additional labels to their spousal relationships — as if being spouses isn't enough.  And if you still need convincing after hearing our podcast, check out this article by FamilyShare that lists three reasons why the best friend label is better suited for someone that will tell you "yes" to buying those fabulous new shoes from Jimmy Choo, and not the man you share your bed with.

So where do you sit on this issue? Do you agree that your spouse also doesn't need to be your best friend, and that husband or wife is simply enough?

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— Annette and Megan, Forever 39

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