During Thursday's 'Ask the Governor,' Chris Christie was asked what he thought about Donald Trump's decision to seek the 2016 GOP nomination.

Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

"I think from Donald's perspective, if it's something he really wants to do, it's a free country. Go ahead and do it," Christie responded.

Christie called Trump a friend, saying that they have known each for the the last 13 years. The governor and First Lady Mary Pat Christie have been friends with Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, for the last 10 years.

"I think he's a really wonderful guy, always been a good friend to me and to Mary Pat," he said.

Christie described Trump as very bright and very successful.

"If he wants to be a serious candidate, he can be," Christie explained.

Host Eric Scott suggested to Christie that many people would pay money to see him debate with Trump, which drew a laugh from the governor.

"I'm sure they would, sure there'd be a few."