You remember A.J. Clemente, don’t you? He was the news anchor who was fired for dropping an F-bomb in his first newscast?

Talk about an F-up.

Now, to bring in some extra cash, he’s now working as bartender in Delaware!
One has to do what one has to do to bring in the cashish.

But really, should a rookie mistake have cost the young dude his job, and ultimately his career?

According to this:

Former news anchor A.J. Clemente, who became a viral sensation after dropping an F-bomb on his very first day on air, has landed a fallback career — tending bar for $2.23 an hour plus tips.

He says, "This is what I'm doing for now — I definitely need to make money for bills,” the 24-year-old Clemente said about his new gig at the Table and Taproom in Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Clemente added that he would work behind the bar through the summer before sending out his resume for any TV news openings.

The news neophyte must be hoping that at least some organizations haven’t seen the now viral video of his debut newscast on April 21 on Bismark, North Dakota’s KFYR-TV.

Clemente, not realizing the broadcast had started, spat out the explitive over frustration as he tried to pronounce the name of the London Marathon winner (Tsegaye Kebede) to prepare for his segment.

He was fired less than 24 hours later.

"It's inexcusable, first, to even say those words,'' Clemente told the “Today” show two days after he was fired. "Fireball shot came right out of my mouth."

Clemente may be person non grata at KFYR-TV, but the Table and Taproom is already advertising their celebrity bartender on the watering hole’s sign: “AJ CLEMENTE STRAIGHT FROM LETTERMAN TONIGHT BEHIND THE BAR,” it reads.

And if bartending doesn’t work out, Clemente told RumorFix that he had received several offers from reality television producers, but was declining for now.
Well, sounds like he may have a career in TV after all.

But for now he mixes the locals margaritas.

I think back to some of the blunders some well known names in TV have committed.

Who can forget the news tease where Sue Simmons, formerly of Channel 4 in New York, yelled an f-bomb to either her TV crew or co-anchor.

She eventually lost her job, but that had more to do with the multimillion dollar contract she had that was not renewed. (A job given to a much younger Sheba Russell.)

And then there’s the unforgettable blooper committed by Ernie Anastos on Channel 5 having to do with a chicken.

No gig loss there either, but the expression on Ernie’s cohost’s face is priceless.

A couple of other questions that go along with this. For instance, how many f-bombs do you drop each day? And what all have you done to bring in some extra cash when you've been between jobs?

No shame in tending bar, dude!