The latest episode of our #SpeakingPodcast was a real insight into the contrasting views of the world shared by those who live in fear and those of us who embrace life, freedom and personal responsibility.

Jay Black was at it again. Bringing his own particular brand of sorrow with his outlook on the world. We assembled the podcast crew, me, Jessica Gibson and Jay, to talk about New Year's resolutions and what we all plan to do in 2021.

For me, I took the light path, actually discussed wearing a ponytail to my last business meeting about our next Exit 19 movie project. Actually, it went better than you might think. You can bet I'm one of the few Trump supporters in the world pitching a movie project sporting a pony. Of course it's more of an expression of confidence and focusing on the important things like the content and reasons for the meetings instead of the physical appearance.

For Jessica, it was all about getting herself to the next level with health. Her resolution included diet, personal care and skin care, and she had some great tips for her ten-step skin process happening in the new year.

For Jay, well, let's just say he's really adapting to quarantine by looking for more quarantine and isolation. At one point I suggested that he's not paying his therapist enough to handle the mountain of stress and anxiety that Jay feels just getting out of bed. Jay is a bit of an outlier for sure, but I think he speaks for a generation of people who are not just scared of coronavirus, cell phone using drivers, cholesterol and every other thing that could cut a life short or at least cause some misery, they're actually scared of living life.

Living life means to take risks. Taking risk leads to rewards. I grew up in a household where there were two themes. First had to do with what to do in the case of a life-threatening situation. "Better 12 judging you than 6 carrying you" was the mantra handed down from my father. He also made sure that what was drilled into the brains of me and my brothers was a toughness that looked at adversity as a welcome challenge. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." That's true enough, but in today's soft society where some people can't go outside for fear of catching a bad cold, the message hits home.

Yes, people die. And yes, you may die before the expected age of mortality. Too many Americans today are so afraid of dying and getting sick or even getting hurt that they have allowed their minds and actions to be controlled by the government. The crippling fear of a virus that simply isn't as deadly as the pundits and pols say (look at the lack of excess deaths and recategorized deaths, not too mention the natural cause deaths which are included) that it has created an atmosphere and cultural shift which has Americans trading free will and civil liberties in order to be kept safe.

Jay went so far as to embrace the Matrix as a great alternative to free will and living. The scary part is that the government controllers are human too, so that means you are not only less safe with someone else in control of your actions and future, but you effectively become a mental slave of the person making the decisions. For me, I live life. I eat right, exercise and enjoy the necessary interaction with loved ones and friends. I've embraced the fact that life has risk and I tolerate as much risk as necessary to live what I have defined as a free American, a normal life.

So yes, for me, the famous quote from Patrick Henry at the time of the American Revolution rings true: "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!" It's time for Americans to realize that this statement is not reckless nor ignorant. It's a true statement about the nature of humans and our struggle against tyranny and natural danger. You'll get an insight to the different sides of our culture in this one podcast episode.

The question remains, who are you more likely to follow and which lifestyle is best for you and your family? For me, it's obvious. No mask. No vaccine. Just a new opportunity to accomplish something every time I get out of bed. For Jay, safety in staying hidden and limiting interactions, only emerging when the political and expert class say its OK to do so ... where do you stand?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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