Today my niece Gianna Rose Vitali will make her confirmation. I’m so proud of her. It will mark my return to the Catholic Church after many years. (Bless me father).

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I started out Catholic but the Catholic school experience of the 60’s and 70’s when the nuns and priests were allowed to put their hands on the students and by that I mean smack them around. It turned me off to the idea of religion, but it didn’t turn me off to God. I also realize that it’s not like that now.

You could say I’m “born again” which means I study the bible and home school my children in it. My sons have never been baptized yet they have a great understanding and relationship with God. Whenever I can, I go to a bible study that I belong to but there is no tradition involved with it.

I thought I was one of the few people who lived like this but was surprised to learn of other children in my son’s school who were never baptized and skipped other church rituals.

I find my belief in God to be very comforting. I’ve seen the results of God in my life. I hope all who believe are comforted as well. But I wonder how much stock you put in the traditional ceremonies of your religion. Do you really think God will be upset if you didn’t follow them to the letter?

Do you believe they really matter or is it something you just do because the religion tells you to?