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11) Cursing ban in NJ [POLL]

Alternate: Are you into celebrity foods: Cake Boss goes international/Bon Jovi tomato sauce

12) Should David Diehl be suspended from football temporarily? [POLL]

Alternate: Do Railroad Crossings need to be made safer so that people don’t walk into passing trains?

1) Should Religion Trump Job - Hasidic NYPD recruit fired over beard - Anti-Gay Muslim Cries Bias [POLL]

Alternate: Do you feel English is being drowned out by another language where you live; and as such, do you feel it’s a sign that we’re richer and more diverse as a nation, or are we becoming “Balkanized”?[POLL]

2) Should Teachers Ever Get Physical With Students? [POLL]

Alternate: Senior prank lands students in Jersey City in trouble.

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