Last night, NBC News Anchor Brian Williams apologized for falsely claiming he was on a helicopter hit by enemy fire when he was in Iraq. Instead of confessing to the lie, Williams claimed that he had 'misremembered' the story. Responses to the story went viral - many people began posting their own 'Brian Williams Misremembers' ideas online.


Last night, Dennis and Judi came up with a few of their own 'Brian Williams Misremembers.'

— Dennis & Judi (@DennisandJudi) February 5, 2015


Dennis and Judi listeners tweeted in their own 'Brian Williams Misremembers.' Check them out below:

Dennis and Judi's callers also shared their 'Brian Williams Misremembers.' Here is what they came up with:

Eric in Long Beach Island:
Brian Williams put the breasts on the Statue of Liberty.

Larry in Pleasantville:
Brian Williams let the dogs out.

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