Back in the '80s, you were cool if you had a VCR (video cassette recorder).

It meant that you could watch any show at any time. At your convenience. You were no longer a slave to the actual air time of a favorite show (or videos on MTV).

That is...if you properly programmed your VCR.

Remember the VCR, and VHS tape? (Craig Allen photo).

Day, time, and channel had to be right, or you ended up with "Snow White Meets The Swamp Monster From Mars!"

Or, maybe "Lawrence Welk" reruns on PBS.


There's the "joke." It happened all the time.

So, I was going through boxes, and saw one labeled "mugs."

Imagine my surprise, and JOY.

I had forgotten all about this favorite coffee mug from the 1980's.

"Obsolete" VCR tapes someone dumped along the side of the road. Sorry, no interesting content. Yes, I checked. (Craig Allen photo).

In this day of the DVR, and YouTube and the "cloud," will Millennials (and younger) appreciate the my newly re-found coffee mug?

And it's "easy" message?

Have I just stirred some ancient memory (and laughter)?

What shows can you remember recording by accident? And, did you ever watch the "accidents?" Or, simply tape over them in disgust.

Remember the VCR display flashing 12:00...when the machine lost power? Or you visited a friend who just wasn' savvy?

I think my coffee is calling.