Had enough snow, New Jersey?! I can answer that!

The snow has just begun... (Craig Allen photo)

Getting around has been tough...when we're not snowed in.

Look...a salt spreader...with precious road salt...getting an early start! (Craig Allen photo)
Spring is a long ways off... (Craig Allen photo)
Yuck. (Craig Allen photo)
Aren't you glad that you don't have to get out and pump your own gas in the snow, New Jersey? (Craig Allen photo)
The aftermath of heavy snow CAN cut down on traffic... (Craig Allen photo)
When the BIG plows are taking a break... (Craig Allen photo)
Snowplow meets mailbox...forcibly. (Craig Allen photo)
This mailbox fared a little better... (Craig Allen photo)
Big snow piles fill parking lots. (Craig Allen photo)
This "Matterhorn" will probably last 'til June! (Craig Allen photo)
But wait...there's MORE! (Craig Allen photo)
I'm guessing that someone was unhappy when the store ran out of bread and milk! This is "cart abuse!" (Craig Allen photo)
Ice in the trees...nice to look at...hard on the trees (and power lines). (Craig Allen photo)
There better not be a fire anytime soon. (Craig Allen photo)
"Duh!" (Craig Allen photo)
Norman Rockwell would be inspired by this tranquil, snow-covered scene. (Craig Allen photo)
Sure...snow CAN be fun... (Craig Allen photo)
Even the ever-present Jersey deer likes it! Wait...that's an imposter! (Craig Allen photo)

As for me...I've cleared off the car enough...gone back and forth to the station on icy, slushy, snow-covered roads...

Enough "white knuckle stuff" like this! (Craig Allen photo)

...and I even "camped out" at New Jersey 101.5 earlier this week. Now, I just want to sit in front of a warm, roaring  fire...put my feet up...

Did I mention firewood? Smart businessman! (Craig Allen photo)


THIS car isn't going anywhere! (Craig Allen photo)


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