Got snow?

Now what?

Look at all this fresh...unused...SNOW. (Craig Allen photo).

We can always...EAT it... ICE CREAM.


Its fast...easy...and YUMMY!


1 egg (beat thoroughly).

1 C sugar

1 T vanilla flavoring

Adding the can of condensed milk. (Craig Allen photo)

1 can (14 oz) evaporated, condensed milk (NOT the sweetened kind).

While all this is mixing together...

A BIG bowl of light, fluffy Jersey snow! (Craig Allen photo)

...its time to "harvest" the snow.

Slowly adding the snow! (Craig Allen photo)

Add snow, one cup at a time, until it's the consistency of soft serve, or a little thicker!

This recipe makes a lot of ice cream! (Craig Allen photo)

Serve immediately (the ice cream melts quickly).

I'm thinking about adding...chocolate sauce! (Craig Allen photo)

Enjoy a bowl as is...or top with your favorite toppings.

When not serving, put the BIG bowl of ice cream in the freezer, it firms up quickly.

Snow Ice Cream in the freezer...ready for later! (Craig Allen photo)

Cover, and store in keeps, just like "store" ice cream.