While "Somebody's Watching Me" isn't technically a Halloween song...it can give you Halloween chills...and it does make the "cut" on 1980's-based Halloween song lists.

And, there's more to the song, and its singer, Rockwell, than you think.

"Rockwell" was born Kennedy William Gordy, in Detroit, May 15, 1964.

Yes, he is the son of Motown Records founder Barry Gordy, Jr.

And as you can see from the record label above, he was signed to Motown Records.

To avoid any charges of nepotism, he signed the record deal without his father's knowledge.

Motown came up with the name Rockwell....and the young Gordy agreed, because he felt that he "rocked well."

"Somebody's Watching Me" was released in 1984...

I started reading this 1949 copy on January 1, 1984. (Craig Allen photo).

...the year of "Big Brother" (scary.)

This "Halloween-friendly" hit features vocals by Rockwell's childhood pal Michael Jackson, and backup vocals from Jermaine Jackson.

This superstar-powered song went to #2 for 3 weeks on the Hot 100 charts.

"Somebody's Watching Me" went to #1 on the Urban Chart, and to #3 on the Dance Chart. This vinyl record spun its way to #2 in Canada, and it reached #6 in England.

"Thriller" by Rockwell's child pal is a natural on any Halloween song list...

...and, its one of New Jersey's Greatest Hits.

"Monster Mash" from Bobby "Boris" Pickett should (also) be on any "BOO HITS" list.

Obviously, I'm adding "Somebody's Watching Me."

Your author in Halloween mode (NJ Prize Team photo).

What song(s) are on your Halloween song list?