According to Twitter user Peter Bentivegna, on the 6:55 NE corridor line he saw something he hadn't seen before in 20 years of commuting. A guy getting a full shave on the train. Now when we say full shave, we're not talking one of those easy to handle electric shavers. No, he means a full shave; foam and razor blade shave. And he has the video to prove it.

Take a look at this guy's form. The focus is impressive. The technique flawless. He's on a moving train. Is he worried about a sudden jolt and slicing his neck open? No sir! Is he distracted by all these people who've never seen a guy cop a full shave on an NJ Transit train before staring him down as if he's doing something unacceptable? Not a chance!

He's a cool cucumber and doesn't miss a beat. As he shaves you might wonder what's he going to do with all that foam left on his razor. I was wondering the same. Would he bring out a small water bottle with a little container to dip the razor in? Nah. Who needs that when you can just whip it onto the floor for some other person to clean up?!

This guy has it all. Class, concentration, and now a clean, crisp look. This gentleman is going places, my friend. Makes me wonder what other bathroom routines he's performed in his out of the box style. Has he showered between train cars with a watering can? Has he brushed his teeth in the quiet car?

In this second video provided Bentivegna seems to be questioning the man's sobriety.

I hate the idea that this could have been alcohol induced. It would be far more refreshing to think he's just a maverick with a devil-may-care attitude towards his personal hygiene. And is it really this guy's fault that NJ Transit trains don't come equipped with full personal bathroom vanities and showers? I suppose a hot tub for this man is definitely out of the question too? Man, the life this guy could live on the rails if money didn't have to be spent on that pesky PTC installation!

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