Now that teacher tenure reform has become law in the Garden state, Governor Christie says he'll focus on tax reform for the remainder of 2012.

Governor Chris Christie

He says, "I've been spending a good part of July on that and I'll spend a good part of August on that as well - people need tax relief- they need the certainty of tax relief now."

Christie adds some people are arguing that agreeing to a definite tax relief plan, and adopting one that wouldn't be enacted until January - doesn't really make much difference.

"Ask any business person what the difference is - they don't make plans on January first for what they're going to do January 15th- they make plans in July and August and September…If they know that they're going to get the certainty of 3 years of declining taxes in New Jersey, then those employers are going to start hiring- even more than they're hiring now - if you wait until January you'll just delay that economic growth."

"And that's assuming that in January a tax cut actually gets passed, which I have absolutely no comfort in believing- no matter what the numbers in revenue show. That that will happen, so we need to focus on tax relief and I think that will be my primary focus. It won't be my exclusive focus, but it will be my primary focus."

When asked if the Endless Summer Tax Relief Tour will turn into the Fall into Fall tour, the Governor said "Listen, Maria (his press secretary ) and I haven't come up with a name yet- as soon as we do, we'll let you guys know…Don't put that much pressure on us- it took us a couple of weeks to come up with the Endless Summer thing - give us some time and then we'll keep you entertained."

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