As recently as three weeks ago, Gov. Christie said he would support a longer school day and a longer school year for underperforming schools in New Jersey. A caller to Townsquare Media's Ask the Governor program Monday asked Christie how extending the work week would affect teachers.

(Townsquare Media NJ)

"They’re going to work longer," Christie said. He added that daycare for teachers with small children will be "worked out" as the policy is put into place.

"I believe that every teacher worth their salt is going to want to spend more time in the classroom with their students," Christie said. "I can’t believe there isn’t a teacher who doesn’t want to do that."

Christie said last month that keeping students in school longer would allow them to spend more time studying. In the cities Christie highlighted for the potential program – Newark, Jersey City, Camden, Trenton, Paterson – parents often work multiple jobs and have less time to help their kids with their schoolwork, he contended.

"Our number one priority for schools that are failing is to stop them from failing," Christie said during Ask the Governor.