Little known fact: New Jersey does not have its own state hot dog. (It does, however, have lots of other state symbols, including a state dance. And a state dirt – it's downer soil. Don't ask how we know that.)

If Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest were held in New Jersey, maybe all the hot dogs would be Italian, provided the Italian was named the official hot dog of the Garden State. Credit: Michael Nagle/Getty Images

Prompted by a listener named Ray, we couldn't help asking Governor Chris Christie whether he'd consider naming the Italian Hot Dog to be the state hot dog. Ray wrote: "We are the only state that has the Italian Hot Dog. So I say let's rename it the New Jersey Hot Dog. For the non-meat hot dog, let's call it the Garden State Dog."

For those of you who don't know about the Italian Hot Dog, it's a hot dog topped with peppers, onions, and potatoes. As far as we know, they exist only in New Jersey.

"Now, that is such a great idea," Christie said.

The idea brought Christie on a walk down memory lane. "My mother – she loved those Italian Hot Dogs. In fact, Jimmy Buff's in Newark, that would be the happiest night of her month. If she got in the car went down there and got those babies for dinner."

Christie clarified a little: "She wouldn't just get one for herself – the whole family would be treated to Jimmy Buff's."

OK, so it's decided. What's next?

"Let's whip up an executive order. Maybe we’ll do it right here on Ask the Governor."

Do any other states have a state hot dog? Not that we know of.