New Jersey Governor Chris Christie teamed up with former Governor Jim McGreevey at the Hudson County jail today, to meet and speak with more than two dozen female inmates participating in a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

“What I want to try to be able to do as Governor is to be able to give everybody another chance, I don’t believe that any life is disposable- every life is precious,” Governor Christie told the women.

Some of them cried as they thanked Christie for visiting, and supporting the Integrity House pilot program they’re enrolled in.

Former Governor McGreevey is serving as a sort of spiritual advisor for the program. After announcing almost 9 years ago he was a “gay American”, McGreevey revealed he had engaged in an affair with a man, and then resigned in disgrace. He has since dedicated his life to the church and helping others.

The Integrity House program at the Hudson County lockup is run in coordination with the Most Excellent Way of Life Center in Jersey City.