There's been a rash of attempted child luring incidents in Jersey over the past few weeks, which has prompted one lawmaker to introduce a measure to toughen penalties for anyone convicted of trying to abduct or lure a child.

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State Senator Dick Codey said, "I want to increase the penalty to a mandatory five years in jail.  Right now if you're convicted of an attempted luring, or if you're successful, you can get up to five years, but you can get out in three.  I say no.  In today's world, why do we have to worry about our kid walking down the street?  I mean, that's such a sad reflection on society, so we've got to send these creeps that message."

He said attempted lurings are terrifying for the children who are targeted, and a horrible shock to everyone in the community.

Codey said, "It changes your whole life, your pattern of life.  No you can't go.  I'll drive you down to Suzie's, wait till I get home to drive you down. People are living under that fear with kids, whether it's their children or grandchildren or whatever.  These people are just so despicable we have to crack down on em."

Codey said his bill would also make it mandatory for Megan's Law offenders to get a letter "stating in bold print what the penalties are for luring and for violations of Megan's Law."

The measure is awaiting reference to a Senate Committee.